Dr. Mohamed Zenhom


    • B.Sc. of Applied Arts 1976 – Applied Decoration (Decoration-Glass- Advertising).
    • Master of the Applied Arts 1982 – the effect of the Christian Arts on the Functional Value in designing the contemporary Glass & its relation with the Christian Religious Architecture.
    • PhD from Soviet Union formerly 1989 – Architectural Glass Designing & Technology.
    • Assistant Professor 1994.
    • Professor in Production Styles & Technology, 1990.
  • Member of Syndicate of Plastic Artists               (Consultant).
  • Member of Syndicate of Applied Arts Designers (Consultant).
  • Member of Arab Archeologists Association.
  • Member of Islamic Universities Association & Chief of (Architecture & Arts Magazine).
  • Member of the Permanent Scientific Committee for Professors & Assistant Professor Promotion in the Supreme Council of Universities.
  • Full-time Professor in Helwan University.
  • President of Arab Association for Islamic Civilization & Arts.
  • General Supervisor & Editor in chief of (Architecture, Humanistic Arts & Science Magazine).
  • Chairman of A3R company for Architectural & Restoration Beautification.