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Salaam City Tunnel


Moassasa Square

Moassasa Square project in Shubra Al Khaimah (cars park – Mosaic Fountain, Polyester)


Cairo University Bridge

Cairo University Bridge project (Iron, poly carbonate, GRC) Giza


Sokhna Road

Field sculpture of General Mamdouh Gad El-Tohamy & Marshal Aly fahmy statues Mosaic illustrations in Andalusia rest house Decorative painting in Arab restaurant Statue of Ramses and the obelisk The design and implementation of open […]


Aswan Museum

Statues of Aswan Museum



Designed & implemented the sculptural & artistic works in the Universal City by illustrated museums for (Luxor, Karnak temples, sphinxes road, Hatshepsut, Dandarah, Phiala, Kom Ombu, Habu, Abydos, and Edfu. Scale 1:3), & also illustrated […]


Different works

Different works from the carving and that shows the artist thought and matches with the modern age


El Helal El Ahmr’s Hospital

Designing and the execution of artistic paintings works from Mosaic the dark colored and also designing an artistic curtain from the coloured glass courts with the sizes and the artistic forms penetrate for the first […]


The department of Al Fayum security

Designing and the execution of a painting from the urinary raw material conceal the doctrine and in it the Egyptian soldier appears with the police slogan in its background and sets up on a boat […]


Sonesta’s Hotel

The execution of a statue took place from the urinary conceal to Finous the goddess of beauty at the Greeks and have been put in the health club to the arts and also some of […]