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Al Fattah Al Alim mosque in the new administrative capital


Zugzomo Church

Designed & implemented Zugzomo Church in Monogomu area in Equatorial Guinea Guinea


Basila church

Designed & implemented the church & statue of the Virgin Basila in Pico Mountain in Equatorial Guinea


Ahmed Badawi Mosque (Tanta)

Restored & developed Ahmadi Mosque in Tanta


El Noor’s mosque

  For the first time in the Middle East the execution of domes takes place by the area of 120 AD from the dovetailed glass by the bullets to the single dome and that their […]


Al Mokawloon El Arab’s mosque

The designing of the ornament works took place to the dome, the mosque ceiling surface and designing the technician to the kiblah and also the written strip in the dome on the artistic model affected […]


El sayeda Fatma El Nabawaya’s mosque

the designing and the execution of the ornamental ideas took place to the mosque on the Mamluke model and insistently the diversity of ideas was considered with the plants somehow in the use of the […]


Ali Zein El Abdeen’s mosque

In it the work of the marble coverings took place to the concrete pillars by the column of the work of the Andalusian model and also designing the ornamental ceilings took place on the Mamluke […]


El sayeda Sekena’s mosque

  The restoration of the old mosque by its ceilings and its dome the Interior Ministry, the work of an artistic treatment and the restoration of the dovetailed glass artistic windows by the woods and […]


El sayeda Zenab’s mosque

Designing and the execution of the artistic ornamental works took place to the bishop Walshkhashikh with the expansion of the Zainabi mosque through new ideas for it the originality and modernity qualities and copes with […]